Developing leaders in your organization has many benefits, including empowering teams to achieve results, building resiliency, and enabling succession planning.  While hard skills and analysis techniques can be learned in business schools, soft skills such as leadership and the ability to exert indirect influence are increasing in importance and are often the keys to success and profitability.  


Vistara’s Leadership Fundamentals is a two-day course that first focuses on the concepts and then teaches the participants to apply it within teams or at higher levels in the organisation.  Small group exercises are incorporated at intervals too allow participants to draw out relevant examples from their personal experiences and develop plans to apply lessons learned.  At the end of the two-day session, participants will have developed a list of actions derived from the learning that they can apply to their own personal or team leadership situation.


Some of the topics include:

– Concept of Leadership (What is Leadership?)


– Personal Assessment

– Teamwork

– Delegation

– Effectiveness of Meetings

– Purpose-Mission-Vision

– Goal Planning

– Responsibility and Accountability

– Measures of Performance and Effectiveness

Vistara also offers longer term, coaching-based training that focus on instilling the habit of leadership in participants’ daily lives to help them achieve mid-to long-term business and personal goals.