At Vistara we will enable our clients’ success and growth by providing them with detailed critical analysis leading to enduring solutions. Our clients are important to us and their success is an integral part of our strategy and success as well.  In order to ensure our clients achieve their goals we will provide them with ongoing support to implement these solutions.

thinkerIt is Vistara Consulting’s philosophy to work closely with our clients and develop a strong relationship with them in order to enable their success.  We will accomplish this by providing them with critical business analysis expertise.

It is our goal to be the “go-to” resource for independent business operations and planning expertise, presenting our clients the opportunity to focus their time and energy on serving their customers and developing their vision.

It’s your company’s vision – our job is to help you get there!

Vistara’s process is a simple, yet effective 5 step process that allows us to continuously provide our clients the support, information and solutions they need to achieve their goals.  The process is structured in such a way that it allows us to steer the engagement to the intended goals in an efficient manner.  Each step in the process is what allows both the client and us to get to the root of the problem and hence develop an appropriate solution in a timely manner.


Vistara Consulting will conduct an interview with the client to assess their needs.  Directed questions will be asked in order to narrow down the issue(s) and focus on critical areas relevant to the client.


Once an assessment is conducted for the clients requirements, we will develop a detailed proposal outlining the scope and depth of the analysis to be conducted.  We will also provide a time frame and pricing options associated with the proposal in order for the client to make more informed decision.


Once the proposal is approved by the client, we will execute the steps outlined in the framework of our plan.  Meetings and ongoing communications will be conducted with our clients as well as any on-site presence needed during the execution of the plan.


Upon completion of the proposal an in depth report will be produced and presented to the client summarizing the findings and options or decisions that need to be implemented.


A follow-up with the client will be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the process and if a reassessment is warranted.